Beginning in the spring of 2013, The Paw Park is offering businesses and individuals an opportunity to display a message on signs that will be attached to the chain link fence that surrounds the park. There will be two options for the size of the signs. Each sign will be either 4’ by 4’ or 4’ by 8’. Since each section of fence is approximately 5’ by 10’, the smaller sign will take up about half of one fence section (allowing two small signs per fence section), and the bigger sign will take up the majority of one fence section. The signs will be made of coroplas, shorthand for corrugated plastic sheets. Signs will be professionally produced, and donors to this program will have the option of producing their own sign as long as they satisfy size and material requirements.

The program is based on an annual donation, which covers the cost of making and displaying the sign the first year. The Paw Park will be responsible for reprinting and replacing the sign when it becomes necessary. The annual donation for a 4’ X 4’ sign is $300, and the annual donation for a 4’ X 8’ sign is $500.

Donors have the option of placing their sign(s) on either the east fence or the west fence facing inward. Donors also have the option of changing the location of their sign at the yearly time of renewal.

Business Sponsorship Form

The Paw Park is entirely funded through two sources. First, from donations by individuals (including Paw Park users) and businesses that believe a well-run dog park such as The Paw Park contributes greatly to the health and welfare of a community. The second source is through fund raisers such as returnable bottle and can drives, happy hours, events at The Paw Park, setting up donation tables at various local events, comedy nights, etc. These sources of income are essential as The Paw Park does not receive any funding from the Town of Amherst or from Erie County. For this reason, the signage program which is explained below was developed.

The Paw Park is a federally approved 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization. This means your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We currently accept donations by:

  • - Online using our Business Sponsorship Form or PayPal
  • - Mail donations to 5651 Main Street | PO BOX 229
  • - At one of our many fundraisers **Check Events for upcoming fundraisers
  • - Our drop box at The Paw Park