Become a Volunteer. The Paw Park, a park sustained only by your participation. The Paw Park is maintained by the dog owners who use it through our Volunteer Team. Park Maintenance is NOT provided by the Town of Amherst; other than repairs to the parking lot.

HOW DOES A Volunteer HELP?

There are a variety of ways a volunteer can help. A volunteer is a regular Paw Park visitor who monitors the condition of the park and reports problems to The Paw Park Board of Directors. Here are some of the ways a volunteer can help:

  • - Checking waste bag supply and re-supplying as needed.
  • - Examining condition of fences and making repairs.
  • - Monitoring the grounds for wear and erosion, filling in holes.
  • - A volunteer sets a good example for others by picking up "orphaned poop" and litter.
  • - A volunteer helps educate others about our park rules.
  • - A volunteer manages the bulletin board and removes any flyers taped up around the park. To keep litter at a minimum and respect our donors, the only advertising allowed at the park by businesses is through park sponsorship signs.
  • - A volunteer becomes involved in park improvement projects as scheduled.
  • - A volunteer helps raise funds for the routine projects and improvements made at the park.

There is an opportunity for everyone to help. First, please contact us and let us know how you'd like to get involved volunteering.

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