The Paw Park Rules

Use of this off-leash recreational facility is at your own risk.

Paw Park users & dog owners assume all risk and liability related to their presence in the Park. Dog handlers are financially & legally responsible for damage & injury inflicted by their pets.

We trust our fellow dog owners to obey these rules, and to recognize when appropriate action must be taken in order to maintain safety and order. We do not condone interference by human handlers if there is an altercation between dogs. Using voice, whistling and sound to distract dogs when behavior is inappropriate is preferred.

Rules must be enforced through SELF-POLICING. Folks in the Park must take an active role in drawing attention to rules violations and solving problems.

1. Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated*, spayed or neutered, and must wear a visible license tag. Puppies must be at least four (4) months old. *Rabies, Distemper & Parvo vaccinations are required. Bordetella (kennel cough) and Leptospirosis vaccinations are strongly recommended.

2. It is strongly recommended that children not be taken into the Park. Supervising adults assume all risk & responsibility for children entering the Paw Park.

3. Dogs displaying aggression toward people or other dogs must be removed from the Park. Dogs with a history of aggressive behavior are not permitted.

4. No food or glass containers in the Park. Please remove plastics and toys.

5. Dog handlers must be in the Park with their pets, must be observant of the animal, and must be ready to promptly settle problems.

6. Dog handlers must have a leash readily available.

7. Limit of three (3) dogs per handler.

8. Leash & unleash dogs within the triple gated sally port. Secure the gates before leaving the area.

9. All dogs must be off-leash at all times while in the Park.

10. Do not allow dogs to pester or mount each other.

11. For health reasons, bring your own watering dish. Water is available on-site, except during the winter months.

12. No smoking in or around the Park.

13. Don’t litter. Please clean up after yourself and your dog.

If you brought it in, please take it out.

EMERGENCY VET CARE (after hours) 839–4043